When we were children

Thursday, 15 February 2007

This tactile work was created by the Art Group at Eastbourne Blind Society in collaboration with textile artist Solveigh Goett. What started with making a few pompoms in between projects, soon grew into a project of its own when people started bringing in ever bigger pompoms that they had made at home. I decided to join them all together in a large tactile picture, where textures, shapes and spaces can be explored through touch.

All the members of the art group are visually impaired, most of them are elderly. Making the pompoms brought back childhood memories - of warm feelings, hidden spaces, games and surprises.

I entered the piece into a nationwide tactile art competition - unfortunately it was not selected for the exhibition.

'When we were children' is currently at home at the Eastbourne Blind Society - but would be pleased to be invited to tactile art exhibitions and enjoyed by a larger audience.