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Saturday, 12 May 2007

Within the framework of a "Self-Help" project of DAI (Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative e.V./German-Afghan Initiative) peasant women in Laghmani north of Kabul embroider 8 x 8 cm squares. By selling their embroidery work, they are able to substantially improve the financial situation of their families. The embroidered squares are not to be seen as finished products but rather as “basic elements”. They are being sold in Europe in order to be integrated into a textile work. The embroidered squares are very well suited to be combined with patchwork-quilt techniques, where they can very well be set as an eye catcher. The results will be symbolically striking pieces of textile works. Not only are two techniques being joined together, but also two cultures. A spirit of curiosity and open-mindedness for the culture of other women, the coming together and the feeling of being joined in a common spirit is the aim of this exhibition.

„Fäden verbinden Frauen
Le fil de femmes à femmes
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1-3 juin 2007

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7-10 juin 2007

16-17 juin 2007

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Association Alliance et culture 76740 Le Bourg-Dun
6-8 juillet 2007

5) PAX 07 Stadt Ausgburg
15 juillet – 8 août

6) Stickereimuseum Oberhundem (D)
57399 Kirchhundem - Oberhundem
18 août - 9 septembre 2007

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Initiatives Evènements
13-16 septembre 2007

8) Quiltfestival Island Farö (Danemark)
28-30 septembre

9) Tour de la ville Saint-Ghislain (Belgique)
Asbl Couleur fil
12-21 octobre 2007

10) Kath.Familienbildungsstätte Leverkusen (D)
51373 Leverkusen
19 – 30 novembre