men need a hobby

Saturday, 9 June 2007

"One if my readers wrote to me the other day and she said:

"I always feel sorry for men (forgive me!) that they haven't a stand-by in needlework, as we women have, and I think if a wife can put a craft in her husband's way she is doing a rather good thing for all concerned."

I agree. Let's get together on this matter.

Most women have things to employ their spare time with, and most men haven't.

I rather envy my sister who seems as if she never knew what it is to be at a loose end.

There is, for instance, always her knitting.

After supper, if I have nothing else to do, I draw my chair up to the fire and prepare to twiddle my fingers, or gossip or yawn, or perhaps get the cards and play a game of Patience, to beguile away the time. But Augusta comes into the sitting room, dumps her knitting bag on the sofa, settles herself, and then begins to knit, and while she is gossiping or lecturing me she knits and makes quite charming things for herself to wear."

Sourc: Womam's Weekly No. 1880 Vol.LXXIII, January 10, 1948, p.36: A Friendly Talk by THE Man-WHO-SEES