CLEANSING: Outdoor installation at the Redoubt Fortress

Friday, 10 April 2009

A site-specific installation on the upper circle of the fortress, where guns and cannons point towards the sea & town. Next to each cannon, there is a black, wall-mounted iron ring, reminiscent of a bathroom towel holder. I am hanging a white towel on each of these, each towel embroidered in red with one of the sufferings of war. The museum’s website describes the Redoubt Fortress as “Eastbourne’s hidden treasure”, “a perfect setting for … rich military collections” – yet when I think of the military, different associations come to mind. The blood that has been and continues to be shed in our names in military operations around the world can never be washed off our hands.

Redoubt Fortress & Military Museum, Eastbourne
11 April - 31 May