Secret Art 3: The softness of being

Friday, 30 September 2011

Art usually aims to catch the eye, whether displayed in the gallery or at home, pictures on walls or sculptures in space. Secret Art does not call attention to itself, hides behind an unassuming or even shabby exterior, among the other paraphernalia of everyday life, on a shelf or desk, in a cupboard or a drawer. The owner can keep the secret or share it with others, who might also stumble upon it by chance.

Secret Art can live in a sewing box, a jewellery box or a cutlery case, or wherever it can make itself unobtrusively at home, lying in wait to surprise. Secret Art cannot be caught by a quick glance nor contemplated from afar. It calls for closeness to be found and action to be revealed. Secret Art is sensory art, made for curious hands, eyes and minds.

A pretty wooden box protects The softness of being within. Opening to the sound of a melody behind the smooth, shiny surface lies the softness and vulnerability of our inner life: hard pebbles stitched into velvets and silks resting on a scented velvet cushion, flowers on fragmented words of memory.

For sale at Solveighs Textilkabinett

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